Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Our commitment and the way we work

We believe in safeguarding people, property, and the environment with an HSSE program that involves every aspect of our work. GES is committed to protecting our employees, clients, subcontractors, and communities. With HSSE an integral part of every facet of our operations, we’ve built a work culture that capitalizes on job expertise, maximizes positive reinforcement, and involves every member of the GES team. 

GES uses the licensed LPS (Loss Prevention System) behavior-based management system throughout our entire workforce (employees and subcontractors). GES became a licensed LPS company in March 2004. Since then, GES and its subcontractors have experienced only one lost-time incident in over 16 million hours worked.

We reached an industry milestone in June 2016: more than three full years since our last OSHA recordable injury.

At GES, we:

  • look out for each other
  • speak out when we see something wrong
  • stop work if we need to
  • engage managers, supervisors, and staff in on-site observations and discussions
  • integrate LPS and HSSE in every facet of our work
  • celebrate safety and fight complacency

Each of us is accountable for loss prevention performance. That's our commitment and the way we work.