Our People

GES boasts a diverse team of scientists and engineers, technicians and systems operators. We have senior technical specialists with decades of experience and skilled project managers to efficiently guide our projects, a full contingent of health and safety officers, as well as support personnel including sampling coordinators, data management and evaluation personnel, and construction professionals. An efficient service delivery model integrates program leadership with operations, engineering, and technical functions to ensure quality, consistency, and safe performance across our clients' environmental programs.

The GES leadership team has a distinctive combination of hands-on experience, executive skills, and an understanding of our clients' business needs. The team has an entrepreneurial spirit with diverse viewpoints yet a cohesive vision delivers value. 

“Our people are some of the highest-skilled, hardest-working folks in the business. We look out for each other with a world-class safety program and a sense of comaraderie and teamwork that is evident in the way we work and the quality of our work products. I'm proud to be part of the GES team.”

Ed Van Woudenberg