Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability means “the capacity to endure.” At GES, we view sustainability in several contexts:

First, as the ability for our company to succeed—as we have for more than thirty years—fulfilling our mission to clients and employees while adhering to our core values

Second, as stewards of the environment, repairing the earth while balancing environmental concerns with business realities

Third, as responsible members of our local and extended communities, aligning our business operations with corporate citizenship

CSR makes GES a better global citizen and a better place to work. The CSR program offers ideas, financial support, and recognition to those who make a difference in our quest for a clean, safe, and healthy environment.


LiveGreen is a grassroots program that reflects our outlook of “think globally; act locally.” LiveGreen promotes energy conservation and a paper-free environment for our operations. Our local offices take part in activities that range from beach cleanups to charity bike rides. Local charities receive the benefits of our annual chili cook-off. Every year, we hold a contest to see which office is the hottest – the hottest chef, that is! Chili Cook-off has become a GES tradition where wannabe chili masters show off their best recipes for coworkers, family, friends, contractors, and clients to taste and judge. “Hair Growth Formula #152,” “Messin’ with Sasquatch,” and “Good Karma Chili” were some of this year’s entries.

CSR in action

Active employee engagement at all levels of our program reflects our core values. For instance: As groundwater treatment experts, we wanted to find a way to contribute to sustainable water solutions in areas of greatest need. This led us to charity:water. Through this organization, GES helps build freshwater wells to provide villages in developing nations with a long-lasting source of clean water. Go to Google Maps (GPS: 27.70075, 85.309567) to see location of the water purification system that now provides more than 600 students and teachers in Kathmandu, Nepal with clean drinking water and a separate place for proper hand washing.