Petroleum Marketers

We understand our clients’ business, the risks they face, the opportunities they seek, and the challenges of today’s marketplace. This knowledge comes from 30 years of experience helping petroleum and convenience marketers at retail, fuel storage, and transportation facilities across the nation. We know what it takes to untangle complex regulations, and we have the experience to overcome the toughest challenges with practical solutions. Our years of experience working with regulators and reimbursement agencies have helped us achieve an excellent record of closure negotiation and claim returns while maintaining world-class records for safety and compliance.

GES helps petroleum marketers address site-specific issues and portfolio-wide requirements, with a focus on liability management and cost control across the project life cycle, including these key areas:

Transaction Support: From a single location to thousands of sites, GES helps to evaluate value, manage environmental liabilities, support negotiations, and handle permitting issues.

Property Improvements: Demolition and construction projects are expedited through efficient oversight and execution of underground storage tank (UST) and product line/dispenser removal and upgrade, site dewatering, water treatment and permitting, soil excavation, waste disposal management, and planning and zoning approvals.

Spill Response: Our local teams provide 24/7 spill response and effective site cleanup and closure strategies, with the regulatory knowledge and technical expertise to expedite site investigation and remediation.

Reimbursement: GES provides full reimbursement services with results based on a foundation of local regulatory expertise and quality interaction with state fund board members that is all the more valuable in these economic times.

Portfolio Management: We have the tools, systems, and resources in place to lower the overall cost of environmental management. These include our internally developed database solutions for management of tasks and resources, compliance, scheduling, and financial controls. 

We work with:

  • Service Stations
  • Convenience Stores
  • Fuel Marketers
  • Fuel Supply Companies
  • Terminals
  • Truck Stops