GES’ engineering program merges detailed knowledge of local requirements with broad technical expertise, gained from our many years of experience with the widest range of environmental challenges, to develop practical, site-specific, client-focused solutions. Solutions are compliant with applicable regulations and codes and in accordance with industry best practices to drive system performance, safety, and effectiveness.

GES is a recognized expert in the field. Reflecting this position, we often help our clients to develop enterprise-wide integrity management systems that reflect each company’s quality standards.

Our engineering team works with each client to identify site-specific parameters in conjunction with client, regulator, and other stakeholder requirements and preferences. Practical solutions incorporate advocacy, innovation, and sustainable practices to meet business objectives and project goals.

The best-value solution is based on practical experience and a careful evaluation of site-specific data derived from characterization activities, feasibility testing, life cycle cost analysis, existing and planned facility operations, and other site considerations and logistics impacting remedy selection and closure.

Engineering design is integrated with our technical field services to ensure that any active remediation solution includes ongoing practices to minimize the project life cycle.


  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Remedial Strategy Development
  • Remedy Design, Performance Metrics, and Permitting
  • Feasibility Testing and System Installation
  • System O&M, Optimization, and Decommissioning