Appalachian Sandwort Survey and Management Plan

Appalachian Sandwort habitat
Closeup of Appalachian Sandwort plant

Client Challenge

A local real estate development corporation is pursuing the planned development of land in Moosic, Pennsylvania for a golf course, residential housing, mixed-use retail, and commercial office space as part of a multi-phase construction project. The developer-owned land is considered habitat for the Appalachian sandwort (Minuartia glabra), a threatened and endangered plant species in Pennsylvania. In order to commence construction of a 100-room senior living facility, the client was required to prepare and submit mitigation plans that adequately compensated for impacts to the endangered plant populations for regulatory approval.

GES Solution

GES provided expert botanical services to locate individual specimens within the planned construction area and identified new populations in surrounding areas that could be acquired for mitigation purposes.  Our consultants worked closely with the client to develop a cost-effective and ecologically sound mitigation strategy that would be mutually accepted by the developer and regulatory agency. GES presented expert knowledge regarding sandwort occurrence to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and received the approval letter within one week of submitting its suggestion for resolution.  GES successfully negotiated the implementation of mitigation conditions for the next growing season, following the sale of the property.

Client Value

GES leveraged its outstanding reputation and technical credibility with several regulatory agencies to help craft a successful mitigation approach. The client achieved regulatory approval without having to sacrifice land that could be used for future development. GES helped the client achieve regulatory approvals in a very timely manner, enabling the client to take advantage of current market conditions for property sale and development of the project.