COVID-19 Office Decontamination


An oil and gas client required decontamination of 10,295-square-feet of its industrial administrative offices at a natural-gas processing plant after an employee tested positive for COVID-19. The facility was located in a remote area in Wyoming that was experiencing adverse weather conditions of snow and flooding, causing widespread road closures.

GES Solution

The client inquired if GES was capable of responding to the remote facility. GES performed a siting evaluation for locations of the facility decontamination subcontractor firm that were highly-qualified to perform cleaning and decontamination services, and their proximity to the facility. The client was notified within an hour that GES could respond, and requested that GES and the subcontractor be present at the site on the following morning.
The facility decontamination subcontractor firm’s three-party crew proceeded to measure and decontaminate the 10,295-square-foot area, according to the state and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) protocols, and completed the decontamination within approximately six hours. The subcontractor fogged rooms, corridors, mechanical closets, and bathrooms inside the building up to eight feet in height. High touch-point non-porous surface areas were cleaned, disinfected, or sanitized. This included cleaning of light switches, doorknobs, push plates, water fountains, horizontal surfaces (such as counters and tabletops), bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, and tablets. Disinfectant (fog) was applied to porous surfaces, such as drapery and soft seating. Carpets and/or hard-surface flooring were steam-cleaned. Cleaning also included fogging and wiping down of all exposed walls up to eight feet in height, and wiping of all surfaces along which the known confirmed employee had worked or traversed. All workers wore full Level C personal protective equipment (PPE), with a donning and doffing area set up in designated locations.
Measurements of the building square footage were collected using laser level and software to produce CADD drawings of the cleaned space. These drawings were subsequently provided to the client to confirm the square footage of the area cleaned. Photo-documentation of the cleaning of every room was recorded and provided to the client as verification of the cleaning and adherence to CDC protocols. When the work was finished, GES completed the final documentation for the client. The client was able to resume business as usual after the scheduled cleaning.

Client Benefits

The client was accommodated on a quick turnaround basis in a remote location under adverse weather conditions. GES was able to respond and complete the commercial space decontamination tasks using the most up-to-date protocol and a new subcontractor within one day of being notified to perform the tasks. Tasks were completed with a high level of detail and documented by a professional team, with no impact to facility operations. GES’ subcontractor coordination activities alleviated the coordination, access, follow up, and contracting aspects for our client, freeing up staff and allowing peace of mind that the job was done correctly and according to standard.