Improving regulatory outcomes with expert environmental insight.

Managing environmental concerns and regulatory requirements are a reality of doing business today. The companies and government agencies that strategically and responsibly address these challenges gain a competitive advantage and enhance the likelihood for successful project implementation.

GES’ strategic consulting is centered on client needs and sets out to answer a myriad of questions. What are your business drivers? What are your objectives and the potential roadblocks in the way? How can you best address the challenges of scheduling, costs, procurement, staffing, and logistics? How can you meet the demands of diverse stakeholders? And how will you manage the technical and regulatory factors that impact the success of your initiatives?

We apply an innovative perspective sustained by industry and regulatory knowledge, technical expertise, and a philosophy of advocacy for each client’s objectives. Our business model promotes proactive ideas and practices along with greater consultant accountability and alignment with client goals. This approach works from micro to macro levels and includes:

  • Developing and implementing the most cost-effective site management solution.

  • Creating global guidelines for the design and operation of remediation systems.

  • Facilitating the market-wide purchase/sale of assets.

  • Honing a performance-based contract to steward an environmental portfolio to closure.

  • Structuring, managing, and executing a long-term OM&M program.

  • Planning and implementing an environmental management system for shale play development.

  • Achieving a safer job site with behavior-based safety program.

  • Determining the best path towards regulatory compliance.

Our creative approach and expert insight lead to better bottom line results that continue to meet your environmental stewardship mission.