Compliance Program for National Retailer

Blue waste barrels with person in Hazmat suit

Client Challenge

The business plan of this multinational home improvement retailer includes purchase and reuse of diverse properties to expand their enterprise. Environmental consulting services are required to ensure safe and responsible purchase, redevelopment, and ongoing retailing operations. GES has supported this retail company with varied environmental services across the US for more than a decade. Projects such as this example, at an existing store located on the site of a former industrial manufacturing plant, ensure that the company maintains compliance, addresses environmental concerns, and keeps its retail operations functioning smoothly.

GES Solution

GES has operated and maintained a remedial solution comprised of groundwater treatment, soil vapor extraction, and sub slab depressurization systems at this site, to treat historical chlorinated groundwater impacts. The treatment plant was permitted to discharge treated water to a nearby river. New lower regulatory discharge limits for iron and arsenic placed a need for system improvements or replacement to continue compliance with the site’s remediation general permit. GES was tasked with evaluating, selecting, and implementing the most effective approach toward meeting these more stringent standards.

An engineering evaluation, including cost-benefit analysis, was completed to assess the viability of various processes and the potential to increase the in-place system’s effectiveness. Alternate remedial options included application of a remedial additive to further reduce chlorinated impacts, installation of a barrier wall along the perimeter of the property, and pursuit of risk-based closure. It was determined that the existing system was not able to meet the proposed discharge limits and infrastructure upgrades would be cost prohibitive. Accordingly, GES designed and managed installation of the replacement treatment system that would enable the system to meet the stricter discharge limit requirements.

Client Value

The installed remedy is simpler to operate, less expensive to run, and has a higher contaminant removal rate than the previous treatment plant. The site has maintained compliance with all required discharge permits. GES continues to operate and maintain the remediation system and to provide regulatory reporting as the store serves its customers and the site progresses to closure on a least-cost basis.