OM&M Program for MGP Portfolio

Aerial plant view
Tanks inside
Old rusted power tower

Client Challenge

A multinational gas and electric company with significant presence in the Northeast is responsible for the environmental management of former manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites inherited through business transactions. A portfolio of 21 MGP sites across upstate New York is managed under a long-term remediation program for greater cost effectiveness and quality assurance. Long-term operation, maintenance, and monitoring (OM&M) of engineering and institutional controls is required for regulatory compliance. Five of the project locations contain active water extraction/treatment systems, discharging over four million gallons of water each month. These systems require 24/7 operation.

GES Solution

GES manages this program with an integrated approach. A program manager is responsible for site budgets, work schedules, resource allocation, contracting, client communication, and deliverable quality, as well as regulatory reporting and interface. A field manager is responsible for a wide range of site management activities, with a team of skilled system operators and field technicians to operate and maintain the remediation systems. GES workers ensure that the sites are properly managed to maintain compliance, with activities that include groundwater sampling, waste disposal management, cap inspections, and property maintenance. A professional engineer provides senior oversight, data review, and optimization support.

Client Value 

GES’ efficient OM&M program management approach is aligned with the power company’s organizational and business needs, facilitating communication and responsiveness to changing project needs. GES has maintained a 100% run time for all active treatment systems, completed all required well gauging and reporting activities, and maintained all properties in compliance with regulating authorities, with zero health and safety or environmental incidents.