Title V Operating Permit Renewal Support Services

air quality

GES’ air quality professionals assisted with the preparation and submittal of a Facility Wide Risk Assessment (FWRA) as part of the requirement for their Title V operating permit renewal. To complete the FWRA, an air quality modeling protocol was developed for New Jersey Department of  Environmental  Protection  (NJDEP) approval in  conformance  with  the Department’s Technical  Manual  1002  “Guidance on Preparing  an  Air  Quality  Modeling Protocol” and Technical Manual 1003 “Guidance on Preparing a Risk Assessment for Air Contaminant Emissions.” The results were presented in an Air Emissions Assessment Report and indicted one of the Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) was slightly above the regulatory limit. After community review of the FWRA, the final permit was issued with minor restrictions in operations.