We believe that success and sustainability are built on a foundation of quality. As a hands-on environmental consulting and engineering company, we know that our self-performance of field activities brings added responsibility for essential quality control. That is why we developed the GES Quality System—to ensure that our data, services, products and work processes are appropriate for their desired use.

Quality encompasses all aspects of our operations. Stringent control mechanisms ensure that all data collected, work performed, and deliverables produced are authorized, performed, supervised, reviewed, and approved by the appropriate personnel in compliance with criteria and procedures defined by GES, our client, industry, and governing authorities.

Our subcontractor qualification program extends our commitment to quality to encompass anyone who supplies products and services to our clients within a GES contract. Our quality program follows the U.S. EPA QA/G-1 Guidance for Developing Quality Systems for Environmental Programs. We have applied principles to make sure that we integrate client and regulatory requirements into our standards.

GES policies and procedures reflect our high standards for corporate governance, ethical business standards, and technical excellence. And, we consistently test compliance across our operations within a system that ensures that all risks are understood and appropriately managed. Self-assessments, audits, and scorecards are tools by which we measure and communicate our operational quality standards throughout our organization. All behaviors and decisions are guided by our Loss Prevention System (LPS) management for the protection of health, safety, security, and environment.