Encouragement and Reinforcement Drive Quality Behaviors

Encouragement and Reinforcement Drive Quality Behaviors

The Department of Energy issued a Human Performance Handbook 15 years ago. Many of these principles apply to the LPS method that GES has embraced for quality and health and safety. Related to quality, the principle of human performance from this handbook that resonates most loudly is the following:

People achieve high levels of performance because of the encouragement and reinforcement received from leaders, peers, and subordinates. 

Positive reinforcement is one of the core foundations of our behavior-based quality program. Our quality program includes multiple stewardship opportunities to provide encouragement and reinforcement, including loss prevention observations (LPOs), site visit observations (SVOs), and loss prevention safe assessments (LPSAs).

To further encourage and reinforce excellence in quality, we will continue to request staff to nominate co-workers for quality and will identify a Quality Champion in our future quarterly Above & Beyond recognition awards.

Positive reinforcement of desired behaviors cements those behaviors into quality habits. Encouragement motivates people to continue to strive for quality in every task.