GES Announces Scholarship Winners 2022-23

Scholarship Winners 2022-23 Announced

Jillian Evans

Freshman | University of Delaware  

Double Major: Psychology and Neuroscience

Jillian Evans, daughter of Rich Evans (Exton, PA), will be entering her first year at the University of Delaware as a member of the Honors College pursuing a double major in psychology and neuroscience. A personal recovery journey with Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome throughout her early teen years have catapulted Jillian’s interest in pediatric neuropsychology and her hopes to eventually help other children with similar disorders. 

In high school Jillian served as senior class president, Leo Club President, Spanish Club Vice President, National Honor Society Treasurer, Talaria Yearbook Editor, and was a member of Student Council, SADD Club, Ping Pong Club, and both Junior and Senior Homecoming Courts – that’s some busy schedule! In her spare time (how is THAT possible?) she dances for two hip-hop companies and works part-time as a cashier and customer service associate at Giant. 

With social and environmental stewardship close to her heart, Jillian organized a clothing drive at a football game dedicated for local communities devastated by flooding and destruction from Hurricane Ida, her first week of her senior year! We are very excited to see what the future holds for you Jillian, and we wish you nothing but continued success! Congratulations again!

Jackson Reichardt

Freshman | UMBC Maryland  

Major: Graphic Design / Game Design

Jackson Reichardt, son of Peter Reichardt (Odenton, MD) will be attending UMBC in Maryland as a freshman majoring in graphic design/game design, and a minor in cybersecurity. Facilitating his personal growth through his journey in the Boy Scouts as an Eagle Scout, Jackson participates in a number of extra curricular activities and clubs.

For four years he was a member of the school’s mountain bike team, a member of the First Tech Challenge Robotics Team, National Honor Society member and the Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society. He also played in the jazz band and was a facilitator of the Anti-Defamation League. Participating in many types of community services including food/toiletry drives, refugee task force at his church, and environmental stewardship are just some of the ways Jackson continues his quest to serve and honors those most marginalized. We know you have the world at your fingertips Jackson, and anticipate you’ll succeed in anything you put your mind to! Congratulations and best of luck to you at UMBC and in all your future endeavors!

Katie Vasalani

Freshman | University of Pittsburgh  

Major: Social Work

Katie Vasalani, daughter of Jack Vasalani (Pittsburgh, PA) will begin her college career as University of Pittsburgh in pursuit of a social work degree and certificate. Volunteering at a local YMCA was a way for her to pass time before she was old enough to get a “paying job.” Katie was exposed to many social workers and their clients, thus sparking her interest to pursue a career in helping others. Personally Katie holds a high value for social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Outside her academic efforts, she follows a vegetarian and sustainable lifestyle, and educates others on the harms the meat industry has on our planet. Understanding the choices made that can harm the earth, Katie intends to continue her quest to educate others on how to reverse the damages already done. Clubs like the Tobacco Resistance Unit are the types of opportunities she is looking to work with to help the advocacy of a more sustainable planet and healthier lifestyle. Between her sustainability education and her ability to guide a future company in their ability to have better relationships between client and the company – Katie has a bright and promising future ahead of her! Congratulations on your scholarship award, we are confident that you will succeed in your path to becoming a social worker! 

Ryan Baylis

Freshman | Penn State University  

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Ryan Baylis, son of Tom Baylis (Exton, PA) will be attending Pennsylvania State University’s main campus, majoring in Biomedical Engineering with an emphasis on biochemical processes. Ryan played trumpet in his high school’s Symphonic and Jazz Bands, and was the Drum Major for the Marching Band. He participated in his school’s Technology Student Association chapter, serving as the Public Relations Officer, Secretary, and Historian during his tenure. Beyond the walls of school, he practiced Tang Soo Do for 12 years, a form of Korean martial arts, achieving a second degree black belt. With Ryan’s engineering skill set, years of hands-on experience, and his genuine passion for helping others, he is prepared to make a contribution to society’s never-ending quest for health and high quality of life thru biomedical engineering. Wishing you the best in all you do on your quest to ensure humanity’s high quality of life, congratulations!

Riley Flan

Riley Flanagan

Freshman | Northeastern University

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Riley Flanagan, daughter of Greg Flanagan (Wall Twp., NJ) will be attending Northeastern University this fall, with a major in Mechanical Engineering. Concerned with the current climate crisis, Riley would like to put her efforts into combating these issues by exploring sustainability and renewable energy. Riley interned at Martin and Ottaway for a year where she saw first hand the value of sustainability and environmental awareness. She also participated in multiple Clean Ocean Action beach sweeps and volunteered at Habitat for Humanity all while maintaining membership in her school’s Spanish National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, Math National Honor Society, and the National English Honor Society! Riley your persistence and progress will surely make you successful in your future – we wish you the best!