GES Concludes the GTAC Intercourse Project with the Dedication of the Water Supply System

Water Supply System Dedication, Intercourse, PA

It was a momentous occasion on September 14, as the public water system in Intercourse, Pennsylvania was dedicated from PADEP to Leacock Township. The PADEP held a press event to announce this achievement. GES is proud to have been involved in every aspect of this project to deliver clean and safe drinking water to the Leacock Township Community. Jennifer O’Reilly, GES’ Senior Operations Manager, shared, “This project has been the most meaningful project I have worked on throughout my entire career. They say, “it takes a village,” and it really does! This is truly a tremendous achievement by the entire GES project team. Our team was AMAZING, and they truly made this project a huge success! I am so proud and extremely grateful for all of them!” 

The project team managed this entire process, including design, permitting, construction, system commissioning, full-scale operation, and private potable well abandonment. The culmination of this project is a public water supply system that services over 450 residential and commercial properties. The Master of Ceremonies at the press event was Rod Nesmith, DEP Southcentral Regional Director, and speakers included Patrick McDonnell, DEP Secretary; Frank Howe, Leacock Township Supervisor; and Jennifer O’Reilly, GES Senior Operations Manager. Check out the link to this news article and video.