GES NJ Conducts Beach Cleanup

Beach Cleanup, snapping turtle, rescue, earth day, trash pick up

The GES-NJ office conducted a beach clean-up in celebration of Earth Day. In total, despite the beach appearing pretty clean upon arrival, 70.65 pounds of trash were collected in 45 minutes and bonus -  a baby snapping turtle was rescued!

Attendees (from left to right in photos): Bill Dougherty, Milena Cunningham, Dave Zailik, Marissa Schussler, Melissa Boynton, Matt Luczak, Tyler Revak, Kaitlin Blackmore, Jenn Lofgren, Jaime Wuelfing, Mike Pypiak, Kara Gioulis, and Brian McCann (Not pictured – photographer).

We had two challenges during the event:  Total weight of trash collected (by team): Winners: Mike Pypiak and Kara Gioulis

Total # of steps walked during the event: Winners:Melissa Boynton and Jenn Lofgren


Great job everyone!!