GES Welcomes new GIS/CAD Operator III, Justin Barnard

Justin Barnard joins GES

Justin Barnard joined our GIS team in September as GIS/CAD Operator III in Blacksburg. He brings 16 years of experience in GIS data management to GES from the municipal sector and environmental consulting. Within the first 30 days, Justin has been exposed to many of our standard project deliverables and is producing excellent quality figures. We are also looking to leverage his experience to pursue municipal GIS work from new clients in the coming months. A former Marine, he has held the fort in the Blacksburg office, as many are working remotely these days. He has been successfully integrating into our GIS and CAD teams despite limited in-person contact. Feel free to reach out to Justin for any project support you need. Justin can be reached at 866-756-0788 x4612 or via email.