Tank Demolition for Site Redevelopment

Excavator digging a big hole
Demolition pit

Client Challenge

The Roosevelt Roads Naval Station is a former United States naval base situated on Puerto Rico’s northeast coast. The base was closed under the Navy’s base realignment and closure program with future plans in place for commercial and public redevelopment.

GES Solution

GES was contracted to complete turnkey demolition and restoration of a site comprised of nine underground storage tanks (ranging from 2,500- to 250,000-gallon capacity) and associated equipment and piping. GES mobilized a multidisciplinary team that included construction management personnel, field technicians, permitting experts, equipment vendors, and local construction contractors. GES obtained the required permits and completed waste profiling to enable proper disposal of wastes, including lead paint, asbestos, and construction debris. Management of on-site waste and off-site transportation and disposal was a critical element for maintaining both regulatory compliance and the project schedule.

Client Value

The project was completed on time, within budget, and with no health and safety incidents. The completion of this work enabled the Navy to achieve a key milestone towards the transfer of this property and eventual site redevelopment.