Remediation Program Management at Gulf Coast Refinery

Technician with sample bottle

Client Challenge

This active refining facility, located on the bluffs of the Mississippi River, is comprised of thousands of acres and integrated facilities used to produce, store, and transport gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, aviation fuel, lubricating oils, and waxes. The environmental impacts from decades of operation are addressed with an understanding of compliance needs as well as an insight into how to best minimize costs and avoid disruption of round-the-clock operations. Work at the multiple environmental areas of concern must be coordinated with facility operations, aligned with regulatory-driven schedules, and performed with regard to the major oil company’s financial control system. Above all, safety is the paramount concern. 

GES Solution

GES provides a wide range of environmental remediation consulting and field services within a facility-wide environmental operation, maintenance, and monitoring (OM&M) program. Tools include activity and compliance scheduling software, and an environmental management system to manage the volumes of data collected and evaluated across all site projects. GES’ responsibility includes proactive regulatory interface to maintain a productive, problem-solving relationship and advocacy to achieve the client’s objectives.  

Work scopes include gauging, purging, and sampling of hundreds of groundwater monitoring and recovery wells within shallow, intermediate, and deep zones in diverse areas of the complex; operating and maintaining systems to recover groundwater and light non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPL); and optimizing refinery-owned systems to improve operating efficacy. Areas of concern include RCRA hazardous waste management units as well as state-regulated tank farms impacted by various contaminants of concern. 

Client Value

Trained technicians perform technical field services with an eye toward continuous improvement of systems, processes, and tools. Data are carefully evaluated by GES professional engineers to identify and realize cost savings through optimization and advocacy to reduce system and sampling requirements. GES’ OM&M program has relieved the client of uncertainty through a dedicated, consistent project team and integrated schedule that ensures compliance with regulatory and client-mandated sampling and reporting requirements.

GES and the refinery owner utilize the LPS behavioral management system to ensure the safety of all employees and subcontractors. GES’ SharePoint-based LPS platform facilitates the effective use of safety quality controls and data sharing with the client’s management system. Work has been completed in accordance with compliance schedules and with no health and safety incidents.